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From working with Hearst Media, Latina Magazine, Procter & Gamble, Ciroc Vodka and many more, Corinna has deemed the title of Event & Brand Strategist at best! 


Corinna is a media maniac with a demonstrated history of working in editorial, PR, consumer marketing and experiential production. She’s had the pleasure of working alongside the movers and shakers in Latinx media and has made her way into entertainment through Combs Enterprises, a Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs company. 


Corinna prides herself on tackling anything that comes her way. In her 5-9, she speaks on industry panels as a thought leader in the entertainment industry, is the co-founder of non-profit ‘Fifty Shades of Magic’ and serves as the VP of digital media for lifestyle brand Piña & Passion


With a growing portfolio, Corinna’s experience has earned her every title and more. To say she has dabbled in a little bit of everything would be an understatement. A true leader of her generation, Corinna continues to break barriers and inspire women like her, driven and unapologetically themselves!

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Creative Consulting Services


Corinna is a media relations professional with a demonstrated history of working in public relations, editorial and consumer marketing. From brand partnerships to fleshing out a creative digital plan. Corinna serves as an asset to a start-up, influencer, or brand managing collaboration and the creative process

For optimal results, every company and brand should tune up their creative collaboration skills and Corinna can be the exact asset that you need! 

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