Cleared conscience full of complacency The utter recollection of events Run on my temple as if it were present day As if I could rescue you I cannot seem to fathom the motives in your executions Refusing to take blame I address these emotions at my own leisure And today is not one of those days Today I have not put down the phone or allowed your memory to invade my space Convincing my thoughts that you are unimportant and a little too far from my reach Needless to say if this was true I wouldn'

t be writing this about you I would've let this go the night you asked me to be just what we were "Don't say that, like you're nothing to me" I am nothing to you.. It's been proven in every lack of consistency

I've had the pleasure of experiencing at the price of your presence Rather lack of your presence in the time frame in which you polluted my air Polluted my brain & my heart & my rhythm Love brings you flowers then it builds your coffin I don't want to fall to your demise so today I will distract my membrane from all that you are Oh wait, the phone beeps... It isn't you

#Love #Poetry #Heart

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