The Comeback

The funny thing about visions, goals, and dreams is that they are often change and altered. Sometimes these obstacles are beyond our control and other times they can be changed by a simple change in mindset. I sit here tonight at a place of confusion and distress.

Living in a comfort zone and pushing past the confined measures of my own thoughts. We rush to move forward, to grow, to change! Meanwhile forgetting to pause, to breathe and let go. GLAMUROSA is my release, where I have chosen to share with the world my story.

Adversity continues to strike, obstacles are attempting to alter my path, the devil has tried to bring me down. But, my vision hasn't been more clear! God laughs when we tell him our plans. I'm trusting in my faith & I refuse to give up. The finish line is just a mile away.. I'm almost there.

#Life #StartingOver #Personal #Goals #Ambitions #MasterPlan

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