I don't want to be your 3 AM..

I don’t want to be in your thoughts at 3 am. Think of me in the midst of your day when you’re pumping the gas. Or grabbing lunch at noon. Let me invade your mind while you clock out of work. Sweet kisses cross your mind as you converse with your staff at a morning meeting. Show me that it’s not all fantasies and sexuality. Think of me when you cant decide which pen to use. While you take that old woman’s blood pressure, breathe me in and breathe me out. Think of me when the light changes from yellow to red and back to green. When you speed down i-95 remember the way you make me laugh when nothing seems to make sense. I do not want to invade your brain in times of loneliness but rather when you feel whole. When you cant contain your excitement and you want to scream. Share that with me, all of you that makes me, me.

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